About Us

The company was founded in 2008, is based in Istanbul, Izmit in Kocaeli branching Although not all ports in Tuzla shipyards along with Tekirdag, Marmara Eregli Gemlik port agency services in and gives Bandirma.
Istanbul and the Dardanelles in the domestic and foreign vessels transit agency services together to give the throat passage to ships agency, transit personnel changes, oil fuel rations and water makeup, and various support services we offer.

Agency and protective agency services, in addition to vessel operations related persons, organizations and units filed by the agency to follow, fulfillment, business accelerating, as soon and safely, goods discharge and load, ensuring the paperwork to make the process of load receipt and delivery, tracking of goods is done in the deficiency or surplus.

Range of Services

  • Charterer Agent
  • Protective Agent
  • Istanbul – Canakkale Strait of Agent Services
  • Made in Shooting Required for Customs Operations and Freight Forwarding
  • Storage and Spare Parts Supply
  • All Kinds of Material Supply
  • Flights, visas and Personnel Changes
  • Hotel Accommodation and Short-Term Apartment Rental Service
  • And exposed in the port of Clean Water Supply
  • Fuel Supply and Coordination
  • Engine Number of Replenishment at sea with adequate Agent / Service Opportunity
  • Shipping Tally, Exercise Services
  • Heavy Load Operations / Project Cargo Handling / Bulk Load Operation
  • Transportation for crew and Tour Services
  • All Kinds Inspection Services
  • Pre-Installation Cargo Surveillance
  • Load Exercise Oversight
  • Draft Survey
  • Fuel Survey
  • Lease Pre / Post Ship’s Surveillance Gondisyo